Water and Energy Utilities

Having worked with the Water industry for many years, MEICA Technical Services is well equipped to provide bespoke water and wastewater engineering and management services for our customers. We are specialists at helping public and private companies to develop and maintain water and sewer systems and facilities.

We keep up to date on the latest industry regulations and technologies and work in partnership with customers to create solutions associated with regulatory changes and upgrades, providing efficient and cost-effective services within constricting schedules and budgets.

Our staff has a working knowledge and understanding of the current environmental compliance laws. Our team of experts is dedicated to developing and implementing solutions that address environmental challenges, provide economic and environmental benefits, and identify and address regulatory concerns for new and existing facilities.

We have extensive experience of working with large and small water and wastewater treatment plants. Our engineers will provide services for scheduling and coordination, preventive and predictive maintenance assessment, building information modeling, reinvestment planning, budgeting, training, and benchmarking.