Defence and Security

MEICA Technical Services understands the complex challenges around defence and security and the needs to increase productivity and transparency.

As part of our work with some prestigious military bases and research establishments we are able to navigate our way through the sector in the confidence that we can manage not only the projects themselves, but the relationships between governments and private interests.

We bring together the skills from across our business to deliver cutting edge solutions. Our dynamic expertise ensures we can deliver in the face of global political challenges.

We have wide-ranging experience in delivering Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation services to the defence, security and nuclear industries. We have earned a reputation for delivering high quality professional services, resulting in long term relationships with an established customer base.

We are a security cleared contractor and typical works we undertake include:

  • Sewage pumping station MEICA refurbishments
  • Electrical design support for sewage treatment work refurbishment projects
  • Telemetry upgrades across sites including sewage pumping stations (SPS), sewage treatment works (STW) and clean water treatment works
  • Full MEICA support for Clean water booster stations
  • upgrades and replacements of reservoir level instrumentation
  • Maintenance and replacements of pumps, MCC’s and wet wells

Our in-house capabilities can fully support cost effective new build, plant life extension and decommissioning solutions.