As we head towards the shortest day of the year on Sunday 22nd December, now’s the time to plan and implement external lighting improvements.

Whether you’re responsible for operations within a factory, production facility or other commercial premises, energy efficient, fit-for-purpose external lighting is imperative to ensure the safety, security and well-being of your staff and premises during the hours of darkness. After all, maintaining excellence in health and safety standards whilst at work is a statutory duty as an employer, irrespective of the size, type or location of your business.

Tips and advice on external lighting

Here at MEICA Technical Services we’ve planned, designed and installed many different external lighting projects for a wide variety of clients across the UK.

There are a number of options you need to consider before the implementation phase, but we’re here to provide our expert advice starting with setting a budget for your project.

Set a budget
First of all, it’s crucial that you agree on a specific budget. There are literally hundreds of different lighting solutions on the market and they all attract a different price!

Commercial exterior lighting doesn’t need to be aesthetically pleasing. It needs to be fit-for-purpose and make the most of the budget you have. We can advise and guide you through the maze of products available and put together a best practice example to give you a very clear idea of what you can expect for your individual budget.

Energy-efficiency is key
Over the last decade or so, energy efficient lighting has boomed. It’s now a priority for both commercial and residential buildings thanks to our growing collective acknowledgement of climate change.

Your business may well have its own environmental goals to improve its green credentials such as reducing the carbon footprint or recycling waste. Choosing energy efficiency external lighting is a win-win all round as it not only has the potential to deliver significant savings on energy bills, but it also attracts match funding and other financial incentives from some providers.

LED lighting options represent the majority of interior and exterior commercial lighting projects we deliver every year. From wall lighting and floodlamps, to streetlamps, bulk heads and ground lighting, there’s absolutely no need to compromise on efficacy when it comes to being energy efficient.

A quality environment
Whether you work indoors or out, the way in which your work environment is actually lit can have a dramatic effect on productivity and well-being.

When it comes to lighting the exterior of commercial premises, walkways and carparks, high mounted, industrially bright floodlights aren’t always the best option. A variety of softer lights mounted on the sides of buildings and located at a lower level is often a better solution. We often advise having a larger number of lights strategically distributed in this way and, if there is a large outdoor space such as delivery depot area, we combine with LED streetlamps and/or bespoke floodlights.

Consider light pollution
If your factory, facility or commercial premises is located close to a residential area, you must consider the effect of light pollution in any external lighting project. Getting complaints from your neighbours about your exterior lights being too bright and causing a nuisance could well end up with an abatement notice from your local council. You may then be faced with the tedious and expensive task of having to reconsider and restart your external lighting from scratch.

As previously discussed, it’s not always necessary to floodlight the entirety of an outdoor area to ensure it is lit safely and efficiently. A combination of lights that are not too bright or obtrusive will provide a highly effective alternative and they may well be cheaper too.

You could also look at introducing infrared sensors on some lights so they’re not lit continuously through the night. This is not only ideal for further reducing your energy consumption, it’s also a low-impact lighting solution that shouldn’t disturb the neighbours!

If you have any questions or queries relating to a new or existing external lighting project, please don’t hesitate to contact the MEICA Technical Services team on 01993 22311 or email: