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Severn Trent region

Chemical Dosing

MEICA Technical Services were employed by water, wastewater and pumping specialists, the EPS Group to complete a number of chemical dosing projects.

When effluent enters a wastewater treatment plant, it must be cleaned, filtered and processed. These processes change the composition of the water and if released into the watercourse could harm fish and aquatic life. Chemical dosing helps reduce impurities from the water such as phosphates which can cause algae to bloom and reduce the levels of oxygen in the water. Ferric sulphate and ferric chloride are chemicals which helps reduce phosphate levels and often used in wastewater treatment.

The project comprised a full schedule of works at 15 sites across the Severn Trent region. It included mechanical and electrical works including the installation and commissioning of tanks and kiosks for the ferric alkalinity and ferric dosing systems at sewage treatment works as part of Severn Trent’s obligations for AMP 6.

Schedule of works

  • Installation of GRP kiosks and tanks to client specification
  • Pipework, steelwork supports, hoses, valves, brackets and ducting
  • Installation of electrical panels and cabling between the tanks and kiosks
  • Installation and commissioning of the chemical dosing system – dosing tanks, pumps
  • PLC control and integration to SCADA
  • Staff training of sewage treatment plant representatives.

Added Value

MEICA Technical Services staff remained in constant communication with the clients nominated staff throughout the whole project and provided full training, certificates and documentation at handover.

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